Painting the Nude Body

An art form could range from just plainly expressive to intimate. Just by looking at a masterpiece, you could right away sense it when an artist has connected profoundly with the subject. This is evident in most European works, in which every single detail – from the most conspicuous curves to the finest lines – [...]

Of Spades and More

The ambience of a casino is one that exudes energy and fun. Its bright lights, contrasting colours and interesting patterns combine to create an atmosphere of non-stop urban adventure. When one thinks of a casino, one is reminded of black and red playing cards. Shapes of clubs, spades, hearts, and diamonds come to mind, forming [...]

Places Famous for Street Arts

Street art or graffiti is another form of pop art. All over the world, streets are decorated with various colours and designs. Kurt Wenner and Julian Beever are two of the famous street painters and chalk mural artists known for their exceptional works. Beever’s works have gained popularity all over the world because of their [...]

Self-Expression Through Street Art

Amsterdam Street ArtArt is ever present in this world; it is found in almost everything, from Shoei helmets to cafeteria tables, art is simply everywhere. Street Art or graffiti is a visual, exciting, and colourful art that is usually seen in the city streets. Street art although not considered as an art by some, is rapidly growing in popularity drawing more and more people to appreciate the art involved in such activity. Its rapid evolution is at the same level as the cheap web designs which are starting to conquer the Internet as a Web art. Graffiti, street art, vandalism, call it what you will, is with us today, and has been here for some time and is not going away any time soon. Yet it is invisible to most of us unless it is on our walls or our personal property.

The film character Ferris Bueller famously told us that “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” This particular art form calls for exactly just that, a time to stop and look around and rediscover the sights and sounds that although are imperfect and sometimes harsh are the components make up the modern life. Graffiti will be all over the walls that are dull and are brought to life by an artistic envision of a modern life, the life that you are in.

The challenge for graffiti artist is to make art that everyone will notice. Whether he does it through making use of adjustable beds in a creative way or painting streets with 3D pictures, it is up to him. The main goal though will always be to get people’s attention and to illicit thoughts and feelings from them.

Street art gives a chance for those still searching for their ideal medium of expressing the art inside them or for those artist who want to thread on new bolder paths to their artistic goals. Graffiti (not the vandalism type) associates a touch of danger since many find it an offence to put art on the walls of public or private buildings. Artist will be given a different kind of feeling when engaging in such activity from the what is felt when making traditional art.

To appreciate this form of artwork one must possess an unknown set of boundaries that give way to not only the traditional art forms but also the new art forms and trades that have evolved through time and reflect a modern life. Artists who practice street art or graffiti are the harbingers of a new kind of art form that mostly reflects modern urban city life. Their skill has continuously grown that some of their work are so amazing that it looks as if printer supplies where used. Although this type of art form is not yet accepted by all as something that requires as much artistic capabilities and techniques as the other forms of art, there are already a good number of people that are able to appreciate this kind of art form – especially from the younger generations. Remember if you do not notice the artwork around you, you may never get to see it again.